Types of Braces

Many of our patients have initial questions and concerns about the different options for braces or wonder what type of braces will be best for them. Below is a brief description of the types of braces we offer. We are here to talk about your best options and answer any questions you may have. Contact us to schedule your initial consultation.

Metal Braces

At Rice Orthdontics, we use metal braces on the bottom teeth only. This helps to eliminate a great deal of discomfort associated with traditional metal braces.Our metal braces are made of high-grade stainless steel and are smaller, and more attractive than previous metal options. offers ceramic braces on top and metal on bottom only. Ceramic can be a great option for cosmetic appeal and orthodontic outcomes.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are made of translucent (clear) material. They are most popular with adult patients, and are a great option for both cosmetic appeal and orthodontic outcomes. At Rice Orthodontics, we use clear ceramic braces on the top teeth creating a much more comfortable orthodontic experience than traditional braces.


Having braces doesn’t mean you have to have a “tin grin.” Our office also uses Incognito® braces, which attach to the lingual, or tongue, side of your teeth. Incognito® braces are custom-fit for your teeth and treatment plan, and each bracket is manufactured for each individual patient. These appliances are well-suited for adults, who may worry about the aesthetic nature of regular metal braces.


The Invisalign® System is a series of clear overlay templates€”called aligners€”that have been generated by computer simulation to gradually move the teeth. This system is available to adult patients with certain orthodontic bite problems. Ask us if you are a candidate for the Invisalign® system.