Metal Braces

When most people think of metal braces, they tend to think of “brace face” with a mouth full of metal braces on both the top and bottom teeth. These types of braces are also considered outdated and can be uncomfortable because of tightening, new bands, and clipping off spare wires that can poke into the gums. Fortunately, there are brand new advances that bring braces into modern day.

A New Type of Metal Braces

You don’t have to feel uncomfortable about having metal braces any longer. At Rice Orthodontics, “traditional” metal braces are only applied to the bottom teeth while your top teeth will have comfortable and advanced ceramic braces. Your top teeth are going to be seen the most when you’re talking and smiling so you shouldn’t have to feel embarrassed because you have to wear braces. It is also much more comfortable to have ceramic braces on your top teeth. No more scraping against your top braces, snapping bands, or other inconveniences.

Not only does this help your teeth and how comfortable you feel in your braces, the smallest brackets will be used when applying the braces in order to promote better hygiene by providing an easier way to clean your teeth. This is an issue many others have experienced in the past with older types of metal braces because they couldn’t reach in between the brackets and might develop gingivitis or other dental hygiene issues.