iTERO Scanner

At Rice Orthodontics we embrace exciting new technologies such as the iTero® Scanner. By using this state of the art scanning system, we save time and nearly eliminate messy impressions. An iTero® Dental Scan provides perfect images of your teeth, making it easier to obtain accurate impressions for orthodontic treatment appliances.

The iTero® is a revolutionary development in the orthodontics industry. In addition to providing accurate impressions, iTero® also creates futuristic imagery of how your teeth will look after your orthodontic treatment plan is complete. Our patients love this feature because it gives them an idea of what their treatment will do, and a sneak peek of their beautiful future smile.

Patients with overbites, underbites, crowding, and other similar issues can benefit from an iTero® scan. After the teeth are scanned, perfect 3D images are available immediately. This reduces appointment times, and eliminates the need for taking additional impressions down the road. With traditional impressions, patients have to sit through several impressions in order to proceed with their treatment plan.

The iTero® Dental Scan creates 3D imagery that predicts the future placement of teeth between each treatment. These images can be used develop new Invisalign® trays, as well as to create new retainers. Additionally, the iTero® can be used to plan orthodontic treatment, regardless of the type of treatment selected.

Dr. Jason Rice is an orthodontic specialist that takes pride in offering iTero® dental scanning in his practice. By using the iTero®, Dr. Rice is capable of reducing refitting procedures because each scan provides perfect images for impressions.

When patients receive orthodontic treatments that are based upon iTero® scans, they will receive better fitting aligners and retainers, and enjoy faster insert appointments. Rice Orthodontic patients love the fact that they don’t have to sit through time consuming traditional impressions that are messy, and can cause discomfort.

An iTero® Dental Scanner uses intraoral photography that captures the contours and indentations of your teeth which provides a real time image. This scanner is perfect for use on children, teens, as well as adults. When looking for an orthodontist, Jacksonville, St. Johns and Nocatee residents will discover a new side of orthodontics thanks to iTero® and Rice Orthodontics. Schedule a visit today with Rice Orthodontics in Jacksonville or St. Johns.