Adult Treatments

Adult Treatments

Incognito Braces

There is another option you have when it comes to braces with Rice Orthodontics and that is Incognito® Orthodontic Braces. Most people know that metal braces can be a mouth full and everyone can see them, but the new technology in Incognito® allows for the braces to be on the other side of your teeth. That means they will be facing on the inside, without being uncomfortable or even noticeable by you or anyone else.

Custom-bent wires are used for each pair of Incognito® braces, each completely customized to the contours of your mouth. Incognito® braces are also made to be free from speech interference and have much less discomfort compared to frontal metal braces.

Incognito® Braces are a great option for those who desire braces, but are concerned about the appearance of traditional braces.

Dr. Rice is one of the only local orthodontist certified to treat patients with Incognito® braces, and he is a premier provider, meaning that he is in the most experienced tier of doctors nationwide who use this type of treatment.

Additional information on Incognito® Braces can be found here.