How to Help Your Teen Deal with Braces, Part 2

How to Help Your Teen Deal with Braces, Part 2

Do you want to help your teenager feel confident with braces? We’ve picked up on our blog post about “How to Help Your Teen Deal with Braces” to offer more valuable tips to comfort your child.

Bring your teen into the conversation

Today’s braces are not what they once were. There are several different options for your child based on price, treatment plan, and aesthetics. To help your teenager feel more comfortable about the idea of braces, we recommend bringing them into the conversation early to explore the different options with the orthodontist. From Invisalign® and lingual braces to metal and ceramic options, your teen can help to determine what is right for them while gaining a better understanding of the expectations and outcome of treatment.

Focus on the long-term benefits

Help your teen stay focused on the long-term benefits of braces rather than the short-term situation. Your teen may improve their overall outlook when you remind them how great their smile will be after it is complete. To do so, we recommend scheduling a consultation with Dr. Rice where your child can see a more holistic view of their current bite and aesthetics, and then Dr. Rice can walk them through how treatment will straighten and improve their smile.