Orthodontics Appointments

Rice Orthodontics strives to make scheduling appointments and visits to our office as convenient as possible for our patients. Contact us with any questions or concerns.

  • You can make an appointment by phone, during your office visit, or by completing the form to on this page to have someone from the office contact you.
  • We make our schedule for the next two months available at the front desk so that you can compare your calendar to ours and identify your preferred date.
  • Due to demand, late afternoon appointments are generally reserved for shorter adjustment appointments, so that as many patients can be seen in the afternoons as possible.
  • Longer appointments, such as initial banding, de-banding, and emergency or repair appointments, will generally be scheduled during the day.
  • Rescheduled appointments due to a missed or cancelled appointment will often be scheduled during the day, since afternoon appointments book further in advance.

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